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We here at Alpha Shipping Company SIA have been working closely with the port services, stevedores, customs and border guard services, ship supply companies, and ship maintenance companies at all of Latvia’s ports for more than twenty years now, during which time we have proven to be reliable and honest time and again in our dealings with our customers’ vessels and their special needs. Our employees know the ins and outs of Latvia’s ports better than most people know their own neighbourhood (when was the last time you had lunch with a stevedore?), and the reputation we have built amongst Latvia’s port service companies and personnel lets us guarantee trouble-free handling, servicing, and customs clearing for your ships. We provide ship owners with the most information possible regarding their vessels, keeping them safe and sound and well-stocked with all needed supplies, from gas to water to food products, while they are anchored in Latvia’s ports.

With a twenty one-year history working in the shipping industry, the ship agency department at our locally owned and operated company works twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to ensure each and every ship is handled, serviced, and customs cleared as quickly and smoothly as possible. Our mobile phones are always left on (much to the dismay of husbands and wives…), and we treat each one of our customers with the courtesy and respect that they deserve.

We know as well as you do that shipping is a high-risk business – we make it our business to guard your vessels from unpleasant delays and unneeded hassles. The employees at our branches in Riga, Ventspils, and Liepaja will put everything aside in order to devote special attention to your ship, arranging all of the paper work related to cargo and customs formalities. Our staff knows how to keep costs low for our customers’ vessels, which saves you time and money. We let our reputation do the talking!

Alpha Shipping Company SIA also provides liner services, functioning as a liner agent for companies wishing to book cargo to ports in the United Kingdom and Ireland. We have built up a strong working relationship with Charles M. Willie & Co. Shipping for shipping mainly to the west coast of the United Kingdom and Leafe and Hawkes Ltd. for shipping mainly to the east coast. As one of the few shipping agencies in Latvia working as a liner agent, we guarantee the opportunity for small and mid-sized companies to book their cargo and ship it to customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Tatjana Bikovska

Agency manager
phone: +37167303030
direct: +37167303093
mobile: +37129226986

Uldis Lejasbūda

Agency manager
phone: +37167303030
direct: +371 67389458
mobile: +371 29216620

Andrejs Lapiņš

Agency manager
phone: +37167303030
direct: +371 67718061
mobile: +371 29404936

Jurijs Opeņhovskis

Agency manager
phone: +37167303030
direct: +371 67303463
mobile: +371 29400253


address: Visbijas prosp. 5,
Riga LV-1014, Latvia
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address: Dzintaru 36/38,
Ventspils LV-3602, Latvia
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Liepāja LV-3401, Latvija
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