Risks Also Should Be Managed

We at Alpha Shipping Company SIA believe that safety and risk management is very important factor in any business, especialy when you are involved in marine adventures like we are. All possible risks should be carefuly studied, minimised or transferred to reputable third party, such as an insurance company.

Our company decided that professional work should be done by professionals and therefore we have concluded a long term agreement with a specialist company, who is assisting us in all insurance and risk management aspects. We may well recommend our partners to you, our clients, as well as would offer you to be in contact with our risk managers SIA Marine Insurance Services in case you may have any further questions.


Insurance Protection for Us and Our Clients

Going through our fleet list you will see that all our vessels are fully insured as for hull and machinery and additional interests as for protection and indemnity. It also to be noted that our decision for these insurances is not trivialy price-driven, we always considering security and professionalism of our insurance carriers. We understand that it is not only our protection, but also peace of mind and sence of security for our customers.

Furthermore we are fully insured against our errors and omissions (anyone can make mistakes, isn’t it) when providing forwarding, ship’s and line agency activities, so you can always be sure that working with us is safe and secure.

Taking care of our beloved clients – cargo owners – is always our first priority. It goes without saying that our goal is always to deliver your goods safe and in time, we have arranged a possibility to offer our clients full cargo insurance to protect their goods agaist all possible risks of loss or damage at very affordable price.

Sergejs Zemžāns

Technical manager & DPA

Sergejs Zemžāns

Technical manager & DPA

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email: sergejs@alpha.lv


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