Quickly and Safely

The employees of the forwarding division at Alpha Shipping Company SIA put down everything they are doing when you place a call to us requesting the forwarding of your import, export, or transit cargo. Picking up the phone to dial our office is just about the extent of what you have to do to make sure your cargo goes from your door to its destination; the rest is up to us.

Our forwarding department specialises in the transportation of various different types of cargo – metals and metal alloys, sugar, coal, timber, food products, liquids, chemicals, and containers. The department also organises cargo reception, storing, and transportation in the ports of Riga, Ventspils, Liepaja, Klaipeda, Tallinn, as well as in Russia and ports through the Commonwealth of Independent States. Our experienced staff also takes care of packing, sorting, marking, repacking, cargo insurance, and cargo monitoring during all stages of transportation. And all it takes is a phone call to a member of our forwarding team.

We guarantee door-to-door transport of your cargo anyplace in the world, so let us handle all of your shipping needs from point A to point B and every stop along the way. No matter what means of transportation it takes for your cargo arrive at its destination – be it planes, trains, freight ships, canoes, camels, or any combination of the above – our qualified staff of transport logistics specialists will track your cargo over the highest mountains and across the seven seas, overseeing every stage of the delivery process to makes sure your cargo reaches its destination as quickly and safely as possible.

Aleksandrs Dūdelis

direct: +371 67389455
mobile: +371 67389455

Vitālijs Ozerskis

direct: +371 67389440
mobile: +371 29165524

Veronika Bobkova

direct: +371 67389455
mobile: +371 29714558


address: Visbijas prosp. 5,
Riga LV-1014, Latvia
phone: +371 67303090
fax: +371 67303091


address: Dzintaru 36/38,
Ventspils LV-3602, Latvia
phone: +371 63681111
fax: +371 63680450


address: Klaipedas 19/21-504,
Liepāja LV-3401, Latvija
phone: +371 63401720
fax: +371 63428440