Extensive Network

Alpha Shipping Company SIA includes a chartering department well-connected with ship owners, operators, and brokering houses the world over. Our team of chartering professionals works closely with brokering houses in St. Petersburg, Rotterdam, Tallinn, and throughout the Baltic Region to ensure high-quality chartering services for your cargo.

We work hard to negotiate the best ships at competitive prices for our customers so that you can send off your cargo to its destination in the quickest way possible. Our cargo chartering and ship brokering departments have extensive experience working with forestry cargos (pulp wood, pallet timber, sawed timber, plywood, etc.), general cargos, and project cargos, and have an excellent relationship with ship owners from all over Europe. This direct contact with owners and operators both locally and abroad as well as an extensive network of brokering houses enables us to guarantee the best and fastest service available.

Our team offers a full range of cargo chartering/ship brokering services designed to meet the expanding needs of our customers. The chartering industry is a tough place to navigate – after ten years of experience in the field, we know all the ropes, so leave the steering to us

Igor Yevstigneev

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